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With so much focus around the birth it's not surprising that post birth recovery isn't a topic that gets much airtime. So in case you’re to this whole birth thing here’s our day by day guide on how you’re gonna feel the first week after birth.

What to expect after giving birth during the postpartum fourth trimester

After the birth, focus tends to shift onto the baby. We act like our body recovers as soon as the baby is born. No discomfort, no crazy cocktail of hormones. How funny that in 2022 the postpartum period is still something that we find uncomfortable chatting about openly.

In the first few weeks after birth there will be so much going on with you, your body and mind. Everyone's birth experience is totally unique and so each postpartum recovery period varies too. That said there are lots of similarities whether you've had a vaginal or c-section delivery. Here's the low down on what to expect in the week after birth. Noting that the exact timelines and symptoms can vary from person to person.

Day 1

Your body will likely feel achy all over from the birth, in places you didn't even know you could feel pain.

You’ll have a postpartum bleeding or vaginal discharge called lochia after birth (whether vaginal or c-section). It is sort of like a really big period that goes on for up to six weeks. Time to pull out those maternity pads as the first week will be quite heavy and red. This will get lighter and change colour after a week or so. Unlike your period you are going to want to stay away from tampons and use maternity pads.