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We are committed to providing products that are made with the environment in mind.

  • The majority of our products come from the UK and EU minimising the environmental impact of long distance travel. 

  • Natural skincare range, no sulphates / parabens. All our skincare is produced locally in the UK

  • Use eco-friendly bamboo as our fabric of choice in our Bamboo Breast Pads and for the super soft sleeves in our Breast Therapy Packs and Bits Therapy Packs

  • Promote reusability of products as alternatives to single use items

  • Support sustainable forestry by using fluff from sustainable forests in our Maternity Pads and Maternity Sheets 




We have selected eco-friendly packaging for all our products, to make sure that we are kind to you and kind to the environment.


  • Product pouches - recyclable

  • Plastic sleeves - made with recycled plastic and recyclable

  • Postal Boxes - recyclable

  • Cosmetics bottles / jars - PET recyclable



If you would like more information on our sustainability then please contact us at

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