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Teal perineal postpartum vaginal spray bidet bottle for vaginal sitz


SKU: 5065007140246

Our Rock Me Momma™ Squeezy Bits Bidet is perfect to keep your bits feeling fresh and clean after birth. The cold water provides cooling relief for swollen and sore bits. Our Squeezy Bits Bidet is especially awesome if you've given birth vaginally and experienced tears or an episiotomy.


Simply pop some cold water in the bottle and use in place of loo roll. No new mum needs to experience that sandpaper feeling. We promise you, loo roll is NOT your friend right now! 


Each pack includes:

  • 1x reusable Squeezy Bits Bidet


Helps with: 

  • Postnatal recovery
  • Haemorrhoids


During pregnancy some women develop varicose veins due to hormones. Although varicose veins usually affect the legs, they can also appear in your bits - lucky us, right! This can make the area around your vaginal opening feel sore, swollen and itchy. This is commonly known as haemorrhoids. So, our Squeezy Bits Bidet is great during pregnancy too, as the cold water helps keep the area clean and provides cooling relief from itching. 


Also, for those of you who love a good festival (oh yeah there is life after birth!) – keep hold of your Squeezy Bits Bidet as it’s the best for festival toilets. See you in a field somewhere!!


Wondering what to expect after giving birth? We've written a handy postpartum recovery guide focusing on the first week after birth so that you're in the know and prepared. If you're having a c-section then read of our c-section guide which talks about what to expect during a cesarean birth and info on the c-section recovery process.


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A hospital bag must-have. Makes a perfect gift for a new mum or a baby shower present. Lovely on its own or bought as part of our Classic and Signature Post Birth Recovery Boxes.

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