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Reusable breast pads for breastfeeding or nursing made from bamboo, Rock Me Momma


SKU: 5065007140314

Our Rock Me Momma™ Reusable Breast Pads are supersoft, absorbent and flexible. Each pad is made of double layer bamboo fleece with a waterproof liner that traps breast milk and stops it from leaking through your clothes.


The bamboo pads are slimline and far less bulky than disposable alternatives. Plus, once you're done breastfeeding you can use them as reusable makeup wipes.


Looking for more info about breastpads and how to make them, then check out our breast pad guide.



  • 8x reusable breast pads - 9cm diameter

  • Handy cotton washbag

  • Eco-friendly - the fabric is manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finishes 

  • Made from organic bamboo fabric 


We LOVE using bamboo in our products... here's why: 

  • Antibacterial and antifungal

  • Hypoallergenic

  • One of the softest fabrics on the planet - you'll love the way it feels

  • Breathable - like cotton, bamboo is naturally breathable but it also allows moisture to evaporate away from the fabric

  • Eco-friendly - bamboo produces 35% more oxygen compared to an equivalent tree mass – yay to fresh air!


Makes a perfect gift for a new mum or a baby shower present. Great on its own or buy it as part of our Breastfeeding Starter Kit.


    • Place the pads in your bra over your nipple and replace with a fresh pad as required 

    • Wash before first use
    • After use place pads in the cotton wash bag and wash at 30C. Avoid using fabric softener as it impacts absorbency. Do not tumble dry
    • Pads will have a fluffy fleece texture after washing. This will go away after approx. 5 washes and doesn't cause any concern
    • Pads can shrink slightly and appear misshapen after washing

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