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Rock Me Momma Trigger Point Massage Ball sitting on cotton mesh bag


SKU: 5065007140253

Our Rock Me Momma™ Cork Trigger Point Massage Ball is soooo tiny, but really awesome at relieving sore and achy muscles. The weight and body alignment changes in pregnancy can put extra pressure on your body. Plus, carrying your little one around all day is a good body workout!


This massage ball is gentle, yet penetrates deep into the tissue to loosen tightness. It’s made from cork so is eco-friendly, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Cork is sustainable and will naturally biodegrade... although we know you’ll want to hold onto this little gem for as long as possible.



  • Made from natural cork 7cm diameter
  • Comes with a practical drawstring carry bag made of cotton


Learning to perform self-massage is a fab way to relieve tension from the body. Many pregnant women need relief from foot soreness due to all the standing and walking they do. Gently rolling the ball under your feet can help relieve tightness.


The ball is also great for relaxing tight shoulders and glutes. Simply place it against a wall and lean on it to apply gentle pressure. Roll along the length of the muscle, pausing on any tight spots. Gradually increase the pressure until you feel “good pain”.


Clean with a drop of soap or essential oil and water. Wipe with a dry cloth before returning it to the cotton bag.


Makes a perfect gift for a new mum or a baby shower present. Lovely on its own, or brought as part of our Massage My Bump Box.


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