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One of the most common things that mums worry about when they're pregnant is whether they're gonna poo themselves during birth. So did our blog writer Ellie, read her story below.

Will I poo myself during labour?

You know when you worry about something and someone helpfully tells you their worst case scenario?Well, early into my first pregnancy my Mum (thinking she was being helpful) decided to warn me that I may poo myself when giving birth. Whaaaat??? I didn’t want to poo myself!

I went on to spend the nxt nine months scared to death of pooing myself. Pooing in front of my boyfriend. Pooing on my newborns head. Laying in poo. Having the midwife judging me for having smelly poo. Poo everywhere! I was obsessed. I'd ask everyone 'did you poo yourself when giving birth??'

I was obsessed! I'd ask everyone 'Did you poo yourself when giving birth??'

I had planned a water birth. I had been in labour for 2 days, I was tired, hungry and (most importantly) trying not to poo myself. I had my mum and partner with me. The exhaustion was making me delirious.

My mum was holding my hand in the birthing pool when I suddenly had a thought enter my head....'Omg I’ve poo'd myself